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Gutter Guard Maintenance

Gutter Guard Maintenance


When it comes to gutter maintenance, many people ignore the fact that if not managed properly, the gutter can create a lot of problems for them. Gutter Guards Perth offers excellent gutter maintenance and protection services in your area, so you can just sit back and relax. Installing a roof gutter protection system can offer a number of benefits.

These include:


  • No need for regular gutter cleaning, saving you time and effort
  • Limited chances of clogging
  • Reduced gutter maintenance needs
  • Prevent overflow into ceiling
  • Provides excellent fire protection


Rather than waiting until it turns into an expensive repair job, ensure that your gutter units are protected today with sturdy and durable screens and mesh.  Our gutter protection systems can be tailored to your property and our experienced technicians are highly knowledgeable, allowing us to provide the right system to suit your needs.


Gutters are an area of the property that need checking regularly. Ideally checks should be made at least annually to avoid expensive repairs. Maintaining your gutters can be dangerous due to safety and health hazards, so it is a job best left to the professionals. If you would like to avoid these potential problems, we will be happy to come out to your property and provide advice, as well as performing a cleaning service for your roof, gutters and down pipes.

The three most popular gutter maintenance plans used by our clients, are:


  • Season Plan (biannually)
  • Yearly Plan (annually)
  • Quarterly Plan (quarterly) *Most Popular


The plans listed above include the following.


    Gutters & Downpipes
    Capping & Ridges
    Roofing (tiles/sheets)
    Solar Panels
    Ventilation & Flumes
    Quotation and full report sent within 24-48 hours from date of inspection
    Cleaning of all gutter and valleys of the property
    Additional maintenance as required and confirmed by client
    Offer different optional maintenance plans available (Seasonal, Yearly or Quarterly)
    Written report signed off by our internal assessors
    Job Completion Cards to be signed off by client and installers on the day of completion