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Gutter Guard Maintenance

Have you ever experienced “guttering problems” due to a lack of regular cleaning and maintenance? Gutter clogs, stagnant water and insect infestation are some hazards you come across during the rainy autumn season. Clogged gutters have been known to cause a lot of damage. When you are seeking a safeguard for your gutters against the debris that can litter and clog them, that is when Gutter Guards Perth come in.

A gutter guard performs the function of filtering debris, leaves and other semi-large objects that normally enter your gutters, thus preventing them from getting clogged and will nullify the need to clean the gutters so often.

It is advised to take a look at your gutters, especially in autumn and winter when the chance of your gutters getting clogged is higher due to the falling of leaves and other airborne debris.

Gutter Guard Installation

If left unchecked, chances of twigs and leaves blocking your gutter are increased and they may not function properly, causing overflow of water from the gutter and potentially serious water damage.

When gutters fill up with decaying organic material mixed with water, they become very heavy, and in extreme cases they can become so heavy that they separate from the structure.

When you are faced with the problem of keeping up with your gutter maintenance, it may be time to consider installing gutter guards, an effective tool which prevents debris from clogging your gutters.

Gutter guards keep the leaves and twigs and any other material that can clog your gutters while allowing rainwater to continue on its journey down the drain pipes and away from your building.

Selecting the Appropriate Gutter Guard

When it comes to selecting which type of gutter guard to install on your home, there are three basic styles – mesh or plastic screensgutter filters that rest inside the gutter, and surface tension units that fit over the top of existing gutters.  It depends on your level of investment in choosing which type of cover you want for your gutters.

When to Replace your Gutter Guard

Not paying enough attention to your gutter system can be a costly mistake.  When one notices loose, damaged or leaking gutters then it may be time to replace your existing gutter with a new one. We at gutter guards WA have trained professionals who can assist you in gutter guard replacement.  Keep a note of some factors during the replacement of your gutter protection:

  • Does it match the style of the building
  • How many meters of gutter guard are required
  • What kind of slope the roof has
  • The amount of trees surrounding the building
  • How many storeys the building has.

Roofing! Reroofing Perth


The roof makes up about thirty per cent of any home’s façade. Since the roof is one of the most integral part of any building, it is essential to choose the right materials that will match the overall design and theme, as well as the owner’s personal taste.

At Gutter guards WA, we can install or repair any type of roof construction. We use the best quality equipment and materials installed by our specialist team of roofers to ensure that you have a roof that will last.


As roofs in Perth Western Australia inevitably age they will require Roof Repairs, over time they develop moss, lichen and dirt buildup. This can cause further problems due to dirt and allows water to collect against the buildup. This is why it is imperative to make an investment in restoring your roof to its former glory and protecting one of your biggest assets, your home or commercial facility.

There are basically two ways to reroof your home—to do it yourself or hire professionals to cover all the hassles for you. The first option may attract you in terms of lower costs, but overall, is very time consuming and labor intensive.  Hiring professional roofers will not only come with expertise throughout the whole process, but will also provide you with more options in terms of savings, materials, strategies, and optional installations that will pass Australian standards.

At Gutter Guards WA, our mission is to serve you to the highest standard possible, catering to all your requirements.  Specialists from our team will visit the site and inspect your roof to see what it needs in terms of reroofing, and review the complexity of the process.

Fire Proof Gutter Guards

People or communities who live near grassland areas are more prone to fire hazards. Choosing and installing a fire-resistant gutter guard can make all the difference to your home or commercial building.

According to fire authorities the main cause of Australian fire damage is from ember attacks.  Fireproof gutter guards prevent leaves from collecting in gutters and stop airborne embers from collecting in guttering systems.

Gutter guards generally come in two types of material – metal or plastic. If you live in a bushfire-prone area, it would be best to use metal gutter guards as they provide better protection and resilience from embers. 

You shouldn’t purchase gutter guards with the intention of never cleaning your down pipes again. They don’t make your gutters invincible or magically resistant to the debris­ of the seasons but certainly help.

Gutter guards ensure you can clean your gutters less frequently. Installing a gutter guard properly should lessen the number of times you’ll have to clean your gutters. To maintain your gutter guards, use a brush or blower to clean them every so often to remove all the leaves and debris that may be blocking them.  Remember to also clean leaves off your roof regularly and don’t let them decompose – as decomposed leaves will block up the gutter guards.