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Which Gutter Guard is Best for me

Bushfire Rated Gutter Guards

Gutter guards fit in or onto eave troughs, preventing them from becoming clogged by leaves, flower petals, buds, seed pods, bird nests, water and other debris. This is important, because when a gutter becomes clogged, it becomes ineffective. It may develop a soggy mess of decaying leaves and dirt that makes it ideal for sprouting “gutter trees”.  In the worst cases, clogged gutters can fill with water or ice and become so heavy that they tear away from the house. Gutter guards save time, money and effort by reducing the time it takes to clean the eave troughs. Keeping gutters clear and helps the water to drain smoothly, preventing water damage to fascia, siding, and structural elements. However, while gutter guards do prevent bigger debris like leaves and twigs from clogging your eave troughs, most still let in smaller debris, such as dirt and tiny seeds, which eventually clog the gutters. This is why even gutters with gutter guards still need to be cleaned once a year or more, depending on conditions at the property.  Luckily, gutters with gutter guards are much easier to clean than those without them.  A durable, reliable gutter guard will greatly reduce the time and effort that is required to keep your gutters functioning efficiently. To make the best choice, get a professional to check that your intended purchase is suited to your home and its location.

Choosing the Best Gutter Guard and Leaf Control Solution

One form of pre-filtration before rainwater enters your rainwater tank is the gutter guard or the leaf protection system. For gutter guards and leaf mesh to be effective, you should ensure that you actually need it.This is usually when trees are hanging over your roof, dropping leaves that block your gutters. If the leaves don’t block your gutters (they flow down the down pipes), you should consider a rain-head filtration option. They are cheaper and in some cases more effective.The design of the gutter guard, the size of the holes in the gutter guard mesh and the way that it is installed (either over or under the existing roof cladding) determines how effective the gutter guard is.

Things to look for

  1. Here are some helpful tips on what to look for when you are evaluating competitive products, if you believe a leaf-free gutter guard system is the right solution for you. Make sure it complies with the local council fire rating. This usually means it has to be steel mesh.  Also check with the supplier to make sure it complies with any insurance company requirements.
  2. Ask the gutter guard supplier to explain why their mesh pattern will not trap falling leaves and debris or allow them to break down and enter your rainwater tank. This is important to ensure captured debris is not a potential fire risk.
  3. Check the sort of regular maintenance that is required. This is in terms of effort or cost, if you have a high roof and more regular maintenance is required.
  4. Check the product warranty provided and what is required to ensure the warranty remains valid. For instance, steel mesh gutter guards are a great solution but you don’t want it to rust in a short time frame.
  5. Make sure the leaf gutter guard is visually appealing. Enquire about the visibility of the gutter guard from ground level and the available colours, in case you want to match the colour of your roof.
  6. Ensure you get a full quote for gutter guard supply and gutter guard installation so you are sure of getting the best deal.