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Why You Need Gutter Guards & Valley Guards?

Gutter Guards Perth


Gutter guard prevents any unwanted materials from entering, usually those unwanted materials are leaves, branches, and other outdoor debris. By keeping those materials out, gutter guards go a long way in preventing clogs and water over flow in your gutters.


The goal of the gutter guard is simple: protect and fortify the home against nature’s assailants.


There are different types of gutter guards available, either in plastic or metal aluminium. Some of these are:


  • Brush (DIY)
  • Foam (DIY)
  • Nylon Reverse Curve or Surface Tension (DIY)
  • Metal Screens
  • Micro Mesh


Gutters can function without gutter guards. They just can’t function efficiently for very long. Before gutter guards, a gutter system could successfully corral water only if leaves and debris weren’t a threat. The absence of gutter guards leaves the gutter system susceptible to clogging.


When that happens, the homeowner has two options: get up on the ladder and unclog them manually, or leave them alone and risk water build up during a rainstorm.


Most are add-on devices that fit over, or into, existing or new open gutters. Some will completely cover the gutter but contain holes for water to pass through, while others will leave a small opening between the gutter and gutter guard.


Main Benefits of Gutter Guards?

  • Protection from the elements
  • No clogs (leaves, twigs, debris and pests)
  • Free flow of water
  • Less wear and tear on gutters
  • Lower chance of cracks from pressure
  • Prevents overflow of water back into the ceiling causing internal property damage


A gutter guard is any piece that protects the exposed top portion of a gutter by preventing anything other than water from entering.